Best Director of a Safari Experience

The Nominees:


1. Calvet Nkomo, Somalisa Camp

Hunter becomes the hunted

At Chris pan, in Hwange national park, Calvet and his guests came across a pack of wild dogs. They had killed a kudu then spent most of the day resting and cooling off in the pan. However, in the afternoon they were spotted by a female lion. The lioness is one of Cecil's daughters who is nursing cubs not to far from Chris pan. Eyes fixed, she crouches and starts to stalk. In the flash of a moment she pounces and manages to grab one of the dogs. To the guests delight the dog wasn't actually killed. As the lion loosened her grip, the lucky dog escaped to live another day. 




2. Alf Ngwarai, Kanga Camp

A triple thrill

When on safari, seeing an animal on a kill is always a thrilling sight that gets the your heart pumping. Well, at Kanga pan, it seemed like everyone wanted a spot in the limelight surrounding the kill. Right in front of camp, Alf and his guests spotted a pack of wild dogs that had just killed a kudu, but it didn't stop there. Soon after, a clan of hungry hyenas came bounding through the bush. Hyenas have a very acute sense of smell and can detect decaying flesh from up to 4km away. They chased the dogs off the carcass, forcing them to sulk on the periphery. After that, the elephants then decided they were fed up of the whole situation and proceeded to chase both of the mischievous carnivores away. An awesome example of an armchair safari you can experience at Kanga Camp. Click here for more incredible photos.

ele dogs


3. Dutch Kasale, Linyanti Bush Camp

The leopards lucky escape

As Dutch approached the scene, they found a pride of lions including; five adults, three cubs, a mating pair and something else lying flat in the middle of them. A flash of white from the tail quickly revealed its identity as a leopard. As they got closer, they saw the cubs were playing with its tail as the injured leopard flicked it from side to side. Like a guardian angel, a lechwe coming to drink grabbed the attention of the pride. In this brief moment, the bloody leopard sat up in an attempt to escape. Realising their meal was still alive, the cubs started to drag the leopard but with one swipe of her paw, she was free and made a break for it. The pride chased her up the nearest tree and attempted to climb. Again and again the leopard fought off the attack and the lions eventually gave up and waited under the tree. As the day heated up, the pride moved into the shade of a nearby tree which is when the leopard took her chance. She scrambled up a more sturdy tree, where she stayed for the rest of the day. They say cats have nine lives. Well this is one cat that has certainly used up one of them. 

Leopard and lion video



 And the winner for Best Director of a Safari Experience is...

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