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July 2020 - Kanga Camp, Mana Pools

1 July 2020 - Yesterday an elephant decided to take a little walk through our Kanga Camp.

Video by Rinzelani Majoko.


June 2020 - Kanga Camp, Mana Pools

17th June 2020 - An elephant bull reaching for even greater heights to get some food. 

Video by Lisa Mrewa


June 2020 - Somalisa Camp, Hwange National Park

14th June 2020 - Somalisa from the animals' view!

Video by Valentine Mpala


May 2020 - Somalisa Camp, Hwange National Park

27 May 2020 - The buffalo have all gathered at Somalisa during the last few weeks and one can barely see the grass! What an amazing sight. 

Video and images by Valentine Mpala.


May 2020 - Somalisa Camp, Hwange National Park

11th May 2020 - 2 of the big 5 spotted at Somalisa Acacia. 

Video by Valentine Mpala.


May 2020 - Kanga Camp, Mana Pools

9th May 2020 - Our resident pack of painted dogs came through camp to say hello.

Video by Marieth Mashonganyika


May 2020 - Nyamatusi Camp, Mana Pools

1st May 2020 - Scarface and Blondie have been residing near camp for the past week. Unfortunately, Scarface is injured, a result of a hunt gone wrong- the guides in camp suspect he may have been gored by a buffalo while hunting. This has also affected their hunting abilities as Blondie won't leave his brother's side.

Video by Lisa Mrewa


April 2020 - Kanga Camp, Mana Pools

28th April 2020 - Three young elephant bulls playing in the water in front of Kanga Camp.

Video by Criffy Mandu.


April 2020 - Kanga Camp, Mana Pools

23rd April 2020 - A sub-adult leopard seen coming for a drink at Kanga Camp.

Video by Criffy Mandu


April 2020 - Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, Kariba

24th April 2020 - Our guides at Bumi Hills Safari Lodge safely relocated an African Rock python from our fish pond into the bush. The python was about 2.5 meters long. 

Video and images by Tatenda Taingarufu.


April 2020 - Somalisa Camp, Hwange National Park

17 April 2020 - Calvet Nkomo writes: "Many herbivores have grown to associate man on two feet with predation and would normally run off on sight... but these impalas have lost that inhibition and allow the team, Babusi Ndlovu and Godwin Dhure to have a close up view of the beautiful antelopes in their element."


April 2020 - Kanga Camp, Mana Pools

15 April 2020 - Mash Mashonganyika writes: "About three months ago these animals were in a very poor condition - skinny and weak. On several occasions during that time of stress I observed buffaloes browsing mainly on woolly caper bush. Unfortunately some of them couldn’t make it to see and enjoy the abundance of food again. That’s how nature works through natural selection, a process where organisms with favorable traits are more likely to survive certain conditions and adapt to the environment. They are likely to reproduce and pass those traits to the next generation. This magnificent buffalo bull and Kudu bull are part of the survivors waiting to greet you on your next visit to Kanga Camp in Mana pools."


April 2020 - Chris Pan, Hwange National Park

12 April 2020 - Elephants gather for a drink at Chris Pan near Somalisa Camp.

Video by Calvet Nkomo.


April 2020 - Kanga and Zambezi Expeditions

10 April 2020 - Kanga and Zambezi Expedition teams having a good time, together as one.


March 2020 - Somalisa Camp 'behind the scenes'

31 March 2020 - while camps are without guests at the moment due to lockdown our guides take the time to brush up on their board games and make bracelets.



March 2020 - Somalisa Camp, Hwange National Park

30 March 2020 - Camp is quiet but we still have our regulars visiting to quench their thirst.

Video by Valentine Mpala.


March 2020 - Somalisa Acacia, Hwange National Park

27 March 2020 - An afternoon walk to Somalisa Acacia rewarded our guides (Godwin, Babusi and Calvet) with a sighting of a Boomslang snake invading a Red-billed nest and successfully managed to catch one of the fledglings. Arboreal snakes, such as the boomslang, has the behavior of infiltrating birds nests.

Video and images by Calvet Nkomo.


March 2020 - Somalisa Camp, Hwange National Park

23 March 2020 - Calvet Nkomo writes: "It's so special to spend time in the wilderness. l am 'locked' in the bush. l miss nothing, because I enjoy seeing nature. Look what I get to see everyday- zebra, impla and wildebeest together providing each other with a special eye of protection from predators. Buffalo's grazing deep in tall grass and slowly moving towards a nearby bush for some shade. Ostrich relaxing in the early morning after feeding from succulent plants. Lions with cubs of different ages with bellies full from a zebra kill."

Video and images by Calvet Nkomo.


March 2020 - Team Work

20 March 2020 - Throughout our camps our teams decided to use this quiet time to put some love and care into the decking and wood work. Thank you team! The camps are looking brand new!

March 2020 - Somalisa Pan, Hwange National Park

09 March 2020 - Humba and Netsai will be celebrating 2 years in control of the territory which was left by the death of Cecile, Jerico and Bhubesi. The 2 males with 5 daughters of Cecile now have 13 cubs to make a pride of 20 Lions at Somalisa area. The pride killed a Zebra yesterday at expedition camp near Somalisa pan.

Images by Calvet Nkomo.

February 2020 - A rare sighting

12 February 2020 - A very rare and special sighting! An African Pangolin dashed across the road and guests were lucky enough to see it before it disappeared into the bush.

We cannot disclose the location of this sighting as the African Pangolin is listed by the IUCN as a vulnerable species.

Images by Maxwell Tidimalo.