June 2019 - Somewhere in Botswana

22 June 2019
In just a month we have had two separate pangolin sightings!
This is amazing, as these animals are the most trafficked animal in the world and because of this such are incredibly endangered.

Due to pangolin populations being under threat from poaching we are unable to provide more details on this sighting - but these were some lucky guests!

June 2019 - Thorntree River Lodge, Zambia

15 June 2019
"Wildlife Through My Binos: New addition to the Rhino population of Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park, this little bundle of joy was born on 30th May 2019 bringing the total number of White Rhinos in the Park to 10!"

These photos are taken near Thorntree River Lodge by our safari guide Tawanda Chibwe.

June 2019 - Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

11 June 2019
"The many moods of mornings in Mana Pools" 
Due to a short rainy season the watering holes in Mana Pools are drying up quickly this year, resulting in the wildlife gathering at more permanent sources of water. This means that the season is already off to a great start when it comes to wildlife sightings.
These photos are taken near Nyamatusi Camp by our safari guide Alf.

4 June 2019
Who needs to go out on a game drive when you can sit on the deck at Kanga Camp while the wildlife come to you. The young male leopard made an appearance this afternoon.
These photos are taken at Kanga Camp by our safari guide Rinzelani Majoko.

June 2019 - Hwange, Zimbabwe

8 June 2019
Dominance of a herd doesn't simply happen one day, you have to fight for it. Today we saw buffalo bulls fiercely fighting in a herd of about 400 buffalo.  
This sighting is at Somalisa Expeditions by our safari guide Calvet.

7 June 2019
Brothers Humba and Netsai are our resident male lions at Somalisa. This morning saw Humba chasing away the lionesses and taking over their zebra kill. He decided that this meal was best shared with his cubs, who took great delight in the experience. 
This sighting was captured at Somalisa Camp by our safari guide Calvet.

5 June 2019
The daughters of the spice girls killed a Zebra last night at Ngweshla. Their cubs enjoyed a good feasting while the lionesses enjoyed their break from breast feeding.
This sighting was captured by our safari guide Calvet.

June 2019 - Khwai Concession, Botswana

17 June 2019
Khwai Concession is one of the classic places n terms of wildlife sightings
Sighting at Khwai Tented Camp, captured by our safari guide Sinka.

14 June 2019
We had some additional guests at sunset drinks this evening, but no one was complaining.
Sighting at Khwai Bush Camp, captured by our safari guide Dutch.

10 June 2019
Water is a precious resource in Botswana, especially as we enter the drier months of the year, and who gets to drink first is often up for debate among the animals. Today, this elephant was not impressed when a lioness tried to share their drinking spot and quickly chased the lioness off.
Sighting at Khwai Bush Camp, captured by our safari guide Banda

9 June 2019
Guests in camp have been spoilt with wildlife sightings, having seen 7 lionesses feeding on a buffalo and two lionesses with their cubs using a log as their lookout post, getting ready to hunt. 
Sighting at Khwai Tented Camp, captured by our safari guide Ken

3 June 2019
Khwai Tented Camp was showing off with some spectacular large cat sightings, who can resist lion cubs playing in the morning sun rays.
This sighting was captured by our safari guide, fondly known as Professor Ken.

May 2019 - Hwange, Zimbabwe

30 May 2019
Calvet, our safari guide based at Somalisa, shared these snapshots from May at Hwange National Park. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

17 May 2019
Another wonderful day in the African bush, another leopard sitting on a great chair admiring the view.
This sighting is from Somalisa Camp, taken by our safari guide Calvet.

May 2019 - Somewhere in Southern Africa

30 May 2019
Our guests were incredibly fortunate to come across a pangolin on their way to their sundowner spot. 
To put it into perspective, our guide who was with the group has not seen one in over 10 years.
Due to pangolin populations being under threat from poaching we are unable to provide more details on this sighting - but what a sighting it was!

May 2019 - Linyanti, Botswana

28 May 2019
When the evening light fades and the buffalo are on the ridge above you - the outcome is nothing short of magical.
The magical shots were taken by our safari guide - Des

22 - 27 May 2019
Every day in Linyanti brings new excitement and surprises when it comes to wildlife sightings. 
Comparing the wildlife seen in the area last year, our guides are seeing a lot more, especially more herds buffalo and zebra.
These photos were taken by our safari guide Des

22 - 27 May 2019
The bird life in Linyanti is prolific, the combination of woodland and wetlands makes for a dynamic combination of bird species.
The vultures below foudn themselves nice perches after failing to open a hippo carcass. 
These photos were taken by our safari guide Des

May 2019 - Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

27 May 2019
An awesome walking safari experience in Mana Pools National Park today with our safari guide Henry - 'the elephant whisperer' 
The fantastic image was taken by our safari guide Alf Ngwarai