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As we find ourselves adjusting to a new norm, our team has been in camps serving as guardians of wildlife, patrolling the lands on foot, and most importantly getting up to date with guidelines and preventative measures going forward. We can't wait for you to come back to the wide-open spaces of Africa and get away from the crowds and away from the stress. to help ease your mind about the unknowns, we have outlined the Preventative Measures & Health Guidelines for COVID-19, we've also put together an outline of How to Plan a Safari Amidst COVID-19.

Beks recently sat with James Halstead, MD at Halstead Aviation Corporation and Simon Sawyer, CEO of Special Projects & Services to talk about medical evacuations and Emergency Procedures, watch the talk here:



Trade, modes of transport, how we interact in our work environment, and education at schools may never be the same, but humans are resilient. We learn to adapt, and sometimes, if we are good at it, we flourish.

We will continue sharing the behind-the-scenes of what's happening in nature on our Live in Camp page, keeping you all involved in our efforts to keep conservation alive.

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The Coronavirus is the main topic on everyone's lips at the moment. How can it not be, as it brings the entire world to a halt? We like to be on the pulse to understand what is happening in the present and plan for a fairly uncertain future. We have teamed up with industry experts to give you insightful and entertaining topics - from photography to conservation. From April, we entered a ‘curl up’ period and decided to hunker down for four months while assisting clients in postponing their trips. We believe that it's best to keep discussion forward-thinking to adapt and pivot to changing times. Sign up to our 'Safari Talks' newsletter to receive updates and alerts to your inbox.



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Sitting around the crackling fire, replaying the day's adventure may feel like a distant memory at this stage - but we'll all be craving a good adventure at the end of this all. Until that day comes, we are here to keep you in touch with the light at the end of the tunnel, getting you through this odd time. We want to keep the reality of nature alive for you while you are sitting at home and staying safe. From recipes to poems, safari adventures to folklore - we want to reconnect you with nature. So pour yourself a gin and tonic and keep in touch with wild Africa through our eyes.

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  1. Guests affected by travel bans, travel advisories and flight cancellations due to the Coronavirus pandemic may postpone their booking by moving it forward up to 12 months, at the same 2020 rate (subject to point b. below and excluding our “Once In A Lifetime Special Offer”).  
  2. Should the dates of the amended booking fall in a season where higher rates are applicable, the traveller shall be responsible for payment of the difference between the season rate of the original booking and the season rate of the new booking.  
  3. Once a booking has been moved to new dates, our standard cancellation and payment terms and conditions will apply, with the following exceptions:  
    1. If an amended booking is cancelled, the guest will be charged either the cancellation fee that would have been applicable to their original dates of travel on the date of the amendment, or the cancellation fee due in terms of our standard cancellation policy at the time of the cancellation, whichever is the higher.  
  4. Any deposits already paid for a booking that has subsequently been postponed will be retained by African Bush Camps and applied towards the new dates booked.  
  5. Please note that the terms set out above are subject to availability and apply only to bookings with African Bush Camps and not with third parties.  
  6. Bookings that are amended in terms of this policy will be moved forward on an ‘as is’ basis, with the same number of guests and the same number of nights of stay. No refunds will be given by African Bush Camps for a reduction in the number of guests or bed nights, or difference in seasonal rates, for any reason. 
  7. Bookings can only be amended once.  



  1. Any outright cancellations of bookings due to the Coronavirus outbreak will carry standard African Bush Camps cancellation fees. Cancellations of amended bookings will be charged at the rate set out in 2.c.iii above. 


African Bush Camps reserves the right, from time to time, to amend these special terms by notifying the Guest or Agent in writing. In the event of the current pandemic being resolved earlier than anticipated, African Bush Camps reserves the right to revoke these special terms and revert to our standard payment and cancellation terms.